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At the Landing Zone the Parrots are at home!
Located in Beautiful Thousand Palms, California, USA.

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The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Parrot Sanctuary located in Palm Springs, California. Currently all of the work done; cleaning cages, feeding, playing and caring for the parrots, are done by The Landing Zone volunteer Executive Staff.

As we grow we will need volunteers to help us with everyday tasks listed above in addition to tasks such as answering phone calls, data entry, bulk mailing, filing, fund-raising, publicity, and likely other areas we have not even though of yet!

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and volunteer, we would love to have you!

Volunteer Form
Updated 08-12

Download: .pdf
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Above you will find a Volunteer form, please click, print, and fill out the form in its entirety and e-mail to:

Catherine Gilbert
Volunteer Coordinator
P.O. Box 2434
Palm Springs, California 92262

We will be in touch with you very soon! In the mean time, please add us on facebook to keep up with our Organization's Progression!

Volunteering: Quick Questions & Answers:

Q. Will i be working hands on with the parrots?
A. Due to safety and liability issues, not all volunteers will be working hands on with our parrots. Volunteers with past avian experience may be asked to help provide care, but even with past experience, not everyone will be able to provide hands on care.

Q. What are the hours I would be needed?
A.Hours at TLZPS are extremely flexible. We are open to creating a schedule with your comfort in mind. We ask our Volunteers to work at least a three hour shift once a week.

Q. What if I get sick and can not cover my shift?
A. We will always have back up volunteers on call, we suggest sick volunteers to stay at home and recover.

Q. Will TLZPS pay my auto (or public transportation) bills?

A. We're sorry, but our budget does not cover reimbursing volunteers for expenses. Some expenses may be deductible on your income tax, however. You should check with your tax specialist.

Q. Can I deduct the value of my time from my income taxes?
A. No, the IRS does not allow tax deductions for volunteer time.

Still have an unanswered question?
Email us at:

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