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At the Landing Zone the Parrots are at home!
Located in Beautiful Thousand Palms, California, USA.

Free Parrot Information, pictures, and fun avian ideas!

The Landing Zone Vision

Nestled at the foot of the San Jacinto Mountains in beautiful Palm Springs, The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary will be an indoor, climate controlled center providing entertainment and education in a comfortable environment for our resident parrots and our visitors, year round.

With your help, our efforts will allow children and adults to visit and view Parrots of every variety in a recreation of the species' natural habitat in order to gain rare insight about how the creatures we know now as 'cage-dwellers' live and interact in the wild.

Guided walk-through tours will be held by avian experts ready to answer any questions wondering minds may bring and skilled bird-handlers will allow visitors to interact with the Parrots in an up-close, fun and educating experience!

The Avian Extinction Museum will feature life-size sculptures of extinct avian species and offer information about each species such as eating habits, geographic habit location, date of extinction, and cause of extinction. Our hopes with the Avian Extinction Museum is to press the seriousness of extinction and importance of conservation to our youngest generations.

View our Building Plans Here!

Building Art


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Raymond our first donated Parrot. Passed away June 2011 due to health complications. In his memory we set up Raymond's fund; a fund that will give us the ability to hire avain vet to come to us- saving our parrots the stress of travel.
Pictured above is Raymond the Severe Macaw.


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