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At the Landing Zone the Parrots are at home!
Located in Beautiful Thousand Palms, California, USA.

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Information about Keeping your Parrot.

The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary's oath:
- We will NEVER sell our parrots.
- We will NEVER re-adopt our parrots.
- We will LOVE AND CARE for your parrot as if it were our child.
- We will PROVIDE A HOME for your parrot for its entire life.
- We will PROVIDE FUN AND ENRICHING ACTIVITIES to all parrots on a daily basis.
- We will PROVIDE HEALTHY AND ORGANIC FOODS, customized to meet each parrots needs.
- We will PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL VET CARE as needed (and on a routine bases as funds allow.)

To schedule a drop off or pick up. Please Call 1-760-333-9753.

If you have decided the best option for your parrot is to place him/her in The Landing Zone's Care, relinquishment is an easy process and will put your parrot in good hands for life. Please follow the instructions below to make this an easy transition for both you and your parrot.

1. Print and fill out the following forms to the best of your knowledge:
- Parrot Relinquishment Form (PDF)
- Parrot History Form (PDF)
- Parrot Health Form (PDF)

2. Collect Parrot's Belongings:
Food, Medicines, Vitamins, Cage, Favored toys, treats and effects are requested as they will help ensure a smooth transition into sanctuary life.

3. If applicable, contact your Avian Vet and obtain a copy of your parrot's records. (May be completed after relinquishment.)

4. Contact TLZPS to notify us and set up a date for relinquishing your parrot.
Call: (760) 333-9753
Mail: 31800 Via Las Palmas, Thousand Palms, CA 92276

And that's it! The futures of the Landing Zone's inhabitants are bright. Our plans offer a unique experience for your parrot- a slightly more "natural" life with the freedom and ability to fly freely outside of a closed cage.

Focusing on today: Parrots are currently being held in an in-door temporary holding facility until a permanent sanctuary can be established. Air is filtered through a high power, industrial air filter and Medical care is preformed as necessary by professionals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask- we are always here to help.

Updated August12

Volunteer Form
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Please pack and/or take note of the food your parrot is currently eating (pellets, seeds, etc.), include personal effects, and cage (including accessories) when delivering your parrot or preparing for pick up. Familiar items will help your parrot to hold identity and cope with new Sanctuary life.

We will post the announcement of your parrots arrival and a picture of you and your parrot on our facebook, if you wish to opt out of this, please let us know when scheduling your relinquishment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will the landing Zone pick up my parrot?

A. Yes! As long as you are located within 60 miles of Palm Springs, California, area code 92262. Another method is to ship your parrot in a crate to Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) Please call or your local airport for crate specifics. Unfortunately T.L.Z.P.S. is not able to pay for shipping fees at this time.

Q. Does The Landing Zone provide adoptions?

A. No, The Landing Zone is a permanent home for all parrots. We do not re-adopt our parrots.

Q. Will the landing Zone purchase my parrot for $____?
A. No. We do not buy parrots, nor do we pay adoption fees. All parrots were willingly donated to our cause. Although your donation of your parrot may be considered a charitable taxable write-off, please contact your tax professional for more information.

Q. Can I put my parrot(s) in my will?

A. Yes. You can put your parrot in your will as a beneficiary with T.L.Z.P.S. as its care taker. Please read Parrots in Wills for more information on this subject.

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