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Over the Rainbow Memorials - IN MEMORIAM.
In memoriam

Beyond the Rainbow

On this page we remember the members of The Landing Zone flock who have passed away.

Under Construction. Check back for stories of our beloved family who have passed.


Ethel the Sun Conure or Sun Parakeet was a very sweet and friendly bird. She had joined the TLZPS flock along with many other Sun Conures in the middle of 2012 and had a short stay with us before she passed.

Her passing came as an unexpected surprise in the middle of the night on December 3rd, 2013. Ethel did not seem any different the night before but by morning feeding the next day she was found dead at the bottom of her cage as if she had fallen off her perch.

We miss Ethel dearly and think of her and the other passed birds as motivation for the level of care we must show to help the birds here at TLZPS.

This is Raymond, the Severe Macaw, and The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary's first donated Parrot. In February of 2012, Raymond was taken to a vet on account of rough breathing and we were devistated to find his liver was deteriorating.

Raymond's sickness was long lived, and we cherished every day as if it were a blessing of borrowed time, but sadly Raymond passed away June 2012 due to his weakened state while in transit to the Vet. In his loving memory TLZPS set up Raymond's fund, a fund that will give TLZPS the ability to hire avian veterinarians to come to us and save our parrots the stress of travel and will give us a professional vet in the sanctuary to help ensure the longest and healthiest life possible.


Parrot passed away.

A sweet little weak and tired lovebird whom I called Orion came to us from the US Fish & Wildlife Services on July 15, 2014, and suddenly passed on the next day.

She was pretty and very quiet and we kept her in a separate cage from the others [in our office.]

In hindsight, she has made us realize we need to have an incubator on hand for situations like hers; if we'd had one we could have "played it safe" and kept her inside overnight.
We always presume we will have many years with these dear birds, so it is entirely disappointing she should leave us so soon. It may or may not have helped. Rest in peace, little lovebird.

Rest in peace Yoda.

Captain Jack

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