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Keep your bird Safe

As a parrot owner, and as a human- you owe your parrot or ant parrot in your possession the basics in parrot ownership:

Air/cages or aviary/foods/doors - there's a long list.
Most birds fly through an open door, so make sure you have an additional screen on your door and if you have him out make sure everyone knows when a parrot is out of his or her cage.

Keep your bird Healthy
Exercise, mental stimulation via toys - check out what toys are best for your size of bird

Keep your bird Entertained/From Being Lonely
Music, TV, sitting with him, reading to him - make a schedule of time you will sit with him and what time

Keep your bird Feeling Loved
Spend time with him every day telling him he's beautiful and needed, keep a log of how long he is alone every day and how long you spend with him

Keep your bird comfortable
At around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, no colder than 65, no warmer than 85 roughly. Slightly humid environment.

Keep your bird Because He Keeps You Happy
Write down why you originally got him and make a list of why he is important

Keep your bird From Being Left Behind
Have written plans & phone numbers for who will take over his care and what they are to do for the parrot in the event of a weekend away, an accident, or death

Keep your bird Until You Are No Longer Able
The bird loves YOU, counts on YOU, needs YOU. Whenever he goes somewhere else or whenever you leave, even for a day, he doesn't know if you are coming back, so he waits.

If you do not wish to provide these things or are unable, Relinquishment of Ownership might be the best option for your parrot.

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