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At the Landing Zone the Parrots are at home!
Located in Beautiful Thousand Palms, California, USA.

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Welcome to The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary's website!

We are a conservation, education, and recreation organization dedicated to the protection, and exhibition of parrots and their habitats. We are a life-time home for rescued and needy parrots; we will never re-adopt or sell any member of our flock.

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Since our foundation in early 2010, we have provided needy parrots a permanent, loving, enriching environment and safe-haven for life.

From Wild to domestic Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws, every parrot donated to our facility will remain permanently in our flock under The Landing Zone's care. No member of our flock will ever be re-adopted, sold, forced into breeding, carelessly released, or needlessly put to sleep.

Although we do not physically adopt parrots out, we do encourage volunteers to choose a parrot to virtually adopt, work with and routinely visit at the Sanctuary.

If you have what it takes to be a parrot owner, try Petfinder or craigslist, but make sure you are ready for the commitment parrot care requires. They should be considered "wild" animals that bite without reason, that live for over 30 years, and that need constant companionship, a large amount of care, attention, and substantial habitat to fly and forage.

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Check out our permanent residents and choose a parrot to sponsor (and visit!) Also supply toys & treats which will ensure a fun and enriching life at The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary!

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Guidestar Certafied! Your donation will help cover costs including wholesome and nutritious food, veterinary expenses, toys and enriching activities, and habitat construction for resident parrots and future inhabitants of The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary.

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The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary, Inc.

Our NEW Location:
31-800 Las Palmas Drive, Thousand Palms, Ca 92276

Free visit by reservation only, monetary and in-kind donations accepted and greatly appriciated. Children under 18 welcome with parent/guardian.

Call (760) 333-9753 for more information. /

Certified US-IRS EIN available,
The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary is a IRS registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Help us create spaces for open flight by making a tax deductible donation of cash, in-kind donations, or of building materials.

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