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At the Landing Zone the Parrots are at home!
Located in Beautiful Thousand Palms, California, USA.

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T.L.Z.P.S. Daily Routine

Although our routine varied from day to day as alternate foods are prepared which may take more or less time, this is the basic and general gist of the daily routine at The Landing Zone Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary.

6:45 - 7:15 AM

Uncover Covered Parrots


Say good morning to all birds individually, check for any signs of duress [feathers on cage floor, poop discoloration or inconsistencies,]

7:30 AM

Breakfast Preparation:
• Wash/cut up 2 fruits (orange, apple, bananas, etc.) or frozen fruit for all birds.
• Bring in 2 cups of pellets (dry food) from freezer. (Do not give to Eclectus)
• Set out Cheerios/Kashi
• Gather, clean, and count all bird food bowls (except Cricket--use measuring cup for her food, then bring her & bowl in after birds are fed, put her back with bowl)
•Clean all bowls, emptying leftover food in trash

Add equal amounts of dry food and vegetables:
- Macaws: 3 heaping tbsp
- Cockatoos: 2 heaping tbsp
- Greys: 2 tbsp
- Amazons: 1.5 tbsp
- Conures: 1 tbsp

+ Add 2 pieces fruit to each bowl, more for eclectus (No colored dry food for her)



9:30 AM

Change out waters, ensure all birds have water


Start music for afternoon activities (in cage, toys, play time)


Sprinkle Calcium on Greys and females (Sunny, Bella, Tantaper, Baby, & Herbie)

12:30 PM



Make cheese sandwich (warm to make cheese stick to bread), nuts, whole wheat pancakes, or crackers. Cut up and give all a small serving.

6:00 PM



Make pasta with small amount of sauce for flavor or serve what is for dinner to them. (No chocolate, avacado, milk, etc.)

9:30 PM

Close blinds and cover cockatoos. Walk up and say goodnight to all the birds by name before shutting off the lights.

Occasional Routines
Every 3 days Replace newspaper in all cages OFTEN and keep area clean.
2-3 times per week Give misting shower (with pumped container).
Daily Play with all birds and talk to them using their names.
Daily Check toys for wear, check fabric/thread frays, trim.
Daily Check perch and cages to make sure they are in good condition.
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