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T.L.Z.P.S. Daily Routine

6:45 - 7:15 AM Uncover Cockatoos
  Say good morning to all birds individually
7:30 AM Breakfast
  Wash/cut up 2 fruits (orange, apple, bananas, etc.) or frozen furit for all birds.
  Bring in 2 cups of pellets (dry food) from freezer. (Do not give to Eclectus)
  Set out Cheerios/Kashi
  Gather, clean, and count all bird food bowls (except Cricket--use measuring cup for her food, then bring her & bowl in after birds are fed, put her back with bowl)
  Clean all bowls, emptying leftover food in trash
Add equal amounts of dry food and vegetables:
Macaws: 3 heaping tbsp
Cockatoos: 2 heaping tbsp
Greys: 2 tbsp
Amazons: 1.5 tbsp
Conures: 1 tbsp
  Add 2 pcs fruit to each bowl, more for eclectus (No colored dry food for her)
9:30 AM Change out waters, ensure all birds have water
  Start music for afternoon activities (in cage, toys, play time)
  Sprinkle Calcium on Greys and females (Sunny, Bella, Tantaper, Baby, & Herbie)
12:30 PM Lunch
  Make cheese sandwich (warm to make cheese stick to bread), nuts, whole wheat pancakes, or crackers. Cut up and give all a small serving.
6:00 PM Dinner
  Make pasta with small amount of sauce for flavor or serve what is for dinner to them. (No chocolate, avacado, milk, etc.)
9:30 PM Close blinds and cover cockatoos. Walk up and say goodnight to all the birds by name before shutting off the lights.

Occasional Routines
Every 3 days Replace newspaper in all cages OFTEN and keep area clean.
2-3 times per week Give misting shower (with pumped container).
Daily Play with all birds and talk to them using their names.
Daily Check toys for wear, check fabric/thread frays, trim.
Daily Check perch and cages to make sure they are in good condition.

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