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• Form 990: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Annual Report: in 2013 we saw lots of the new at TLZPS: new parrots, new ideas, new opportunities, new obstacles and new staff. You can read all about it in our 2013 Annual Report which will be published shortly.

• Profile on Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary, Inc. officially became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization on May 15, 2012.

The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary, Inc. Form 990N 2011.

The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary, Inc 2012 FORM 990N - Department of the treasury International Revenue Service

Ethics and Compliance

"Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it."
- William Penn, Quaker, founder of Pennsylvania

Code of Conduct

At The Landing Zone Parrot Sanctuary, Inc. we value the highest ethical conduct of all corporate employees, Board members, and volunteers. The organization is guided by integrity, conservancy, respect for people, animals, and cultures; commitment to diversity, and tangible recorded results. These values are reflected in our Policies and Standard Operating Procedures.

As part of our Code of Conduct, every employee, Board member and volunteer acting on behalf of TLZPS is expected to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in every country, state, or locality in which TLZPS operates. If there is a conflict between the law and TLZPS policies, employees and volunteers are expected to comply with the stricter of the two unless to do so would be a violation of the law. Employees, Board members and volunteers are expected to comply with this Code of Conduct and are required to report, promptly, any violations or perceived violations.

Policies and Procedures

In addition to its Code of Conduct, TLZPS has a Policies and Procedures Manual that provides clear direction to achieve TLZPS's mission in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. Compliance with the Manual is overseen by the treasurer of the Board. At the Board's discretion as the corporation grows, an officer will be appointed by the chairman of the Board to ensure compliance and report to the treasurer. The Manual includes, among others, policies and procedures on conflicts of interest, confidential information, lobbying limitations, participation in candidate elections, reporting suspected violations of law or policy (Whistle-blower Policy), equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and diversity, workplace harassment prevention and reporting, and records management.

All employees, Board members, and volunteers are required to read the Code of Conduct and Policies and Procedures Manual and acknowledge by initialing on letterhead paper to be kept with corporate files that indicate they have done so. The Manual will be available for reference on request in the office.

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